See Smashing Pumpkins Up Close


Smashing Pumpkins fans have a great opportunity to see the band in an intimate venue when they play the Crest Theatre Monday evening, Sept. 6. (OK, it’s not “intimate” as in Marilyn’s on K Street, but it’s more intimate than Arco—and it’s a cool venue, too.) For a chance at seeing the Pumpkins play a really intimate set, log on to Radio 94.7’s Facebook page to learn how you can be one of only a few select guests when Billy Corgan and the rest of the band play in the Radio 94.7 Video Lounge. According to the station’s press release, “you’ll be so close, you’ll be able to put your drink on Billy Corgan’s amp.” (Though we suggest you don’t.) There’s a bit of work involved to score this invitation, but c’mon. Close enough to put your drink on Corgan’s amp (which you won’t do; we discussed that)? That is pretty darn close! Oh, you have be 18 or older and a California resident to qualify. Hurry, the deadline is Friday, Sept. 3 at 3 p.m.