Sacratomato Week


There is a week for everything these days. In the last few years, Sacramento has started a beer week, a bacon week and a farm to fork week. I’ve been angling for a mac ‘n’ cheese week, but it looks like I’ll have to wait a little longer, because the next food to be celebrated for seven whole days has already been chosen. From July 21 to July 27, the Sutter District is putting together the very first Sacratomato Week. Fun fact: Nine out of every 10 tomatoes eaten in the United States was grown in California, with a huge percentage of those coming from the Sacramento region. Even so, tomatoes are often seen fading into the background of dishes served here in town rather than starring in them. That’s why the restaurants, bars and nightclubs in the Sutter District are taking a week to call our attention back to the fruit by offering special tomato-centric foods and drinks. All of the restaurants and bars in the district are participating, so diners can stroll from eatery to eatery and enjoy the various creative tomato options in the neighborhood. For more information, see here.

What: Sacratomato Week
When: July 21–27, various times
Where: The Sutter District, Sacramento
Cost: Prices vary