Sacramento Beer Week 5k Beer Run


In the few short years since its inception, Sacramento Beer Week has transformed from a small get-together for local beer nerds to a food-and-drink bonanza so ubiquitous that you’d be hard-pressed to walk into any half decent restaurant or bar between the dates of Feb. 26 and March 8 and not be an unwitting participant in a Beer Week event. For beer lovers, this is a great thing. For the livers of beer lovers, maybe not so much. After gorging on IPAs, DIPAs, and TIPAs, sours and ciders and lambics, barrel-aged Belgians and thick and hearty stouts, you might actually want to remember that your body is capable of doing more than consuming vast quantities of delicious alcohol. If so, New Helvetia Brewing Company has got just the solution. Smack in the middle of Beer Week festivities, the local brewery, along with local beer-centric Sloppy Moose Running Club, is hosting a Saturday afternoon fun run. The 5k race will take runners around the neighborhood surrounding the brewery before winding back up at New Helvetia for a Beer Week afterparty. Participants get a dry-fit shirt, beer caramels, a swag bag and a crack at some refreshing local beer. Gotta rehydrate after all that exercising, right? Your liver will understand. For more information, check out the New Helvetia website or the Sloppy Moose Running Club website.

What: Sacramento Beer Week 5k Beer Run
When: Saturday, March 7, noon
Where: New Helvetia Brewing Company Tasting Room, 1730 Broadway, Sacramento
Cost: $35