River City Quilters' Guild Quilt Show


In a world in which hipster irony has made handlebar mustaches, suspenders, spectator glasses, Pabst Blue Ribbon, and other grandpa-approved items “cool,” I’m telling you with certainty: Quilts are about to have a moment. I realized this months ago when, at the Crocker Art Museum’s quilt exhibit, I witnessed a fuzzy-faced and flannel-clad young man enthusiastically snapping iPhone photos of the quilts. He was a cool guy, and he was feeling those quilts. Quilts fit perfectly into the Kinfolk magazine aesthetic that romanticizes all things homey, authentic and Americana. The craftsmanship and hard work required to make a quilt is remarkable today when most Americans would probably feel a bit unsure of themselves just sewing on a button.

While I doubt the River City Quilters’ Guild cares much for how trendy their craft is seen by the public, I’m telling you now: If you want to be hip to the next big thing, check out River City Quilters’ Guild Quit Show, this weekend at the Scottish Rite Center. At this quilt show, you can see hundreds of quilts, wearable art and demos, plus visit vendors, the country store and more. So put aside your ideas about quilts being the domain of little old ladies. Quilts are an art and a discipline for everyone. For more information, see here.

What: River City Quilters’ Guild Quilt Show
When: Friday-Sunday, Nov. 14-16, times vary
Where: Scottish Rite Center, 6151 H St., Sacramento
Cost: Adults $7, children free