Random Acts of Kindness


Feeling down about the economy or what’s going on in Japan? Here’s an idea: Do something nice for somebody. That’s right, do something nice for somebody. It’s an incredible high, trust me. And it’s legal, natural, even good for you. The folks over at Radio 94.7 know what I am talking about. The station—along with Xfinity from Comcast—started a program asking listeners to commit “Random Acts of Kindness.” Recently folks from Radio 94.7, Xfinity and A Silent Film went around paying for people’s gas! The hope is that the recipients will pay it forward. Simple “random acts of kindness” that you can do are listed on a special Facebook page and they’re easy to do. A couple of recent ones: “be nice to someone you dislike (OK, maybe not easy, but a good one) and picking up trash (c’mon, this one is easy). Log onto radio947.net/randomacts to learn how to get involved or to alert the station of someone who could use a hand or something that needs to get done. Become part of the Random Acts Text Club (text “random acts” to 31858) and you’ll be notified of the station’s Random Acts of Kindness Volunteering events.