Enter a swirling, dizzying sonoscape with Phantogram when the electrorock duo comes to Ace of Spades on Feb. 21. The musical descendant of trip-hop giants Portishead, Phantogram combines organic sounds with thumping rhythms and ethereal vocals to create a lush sound that envelopes and transports the listener. One Phantogram song is a pleasant daydream; a whole setlist of their music evokes the feeling off being a little off-kilter, a little drunk. Despite the heavy beats, their music isn’t for dancing—it’s melancholy, unnerving and plaintive. Lead vocalist Sarah Barthel has a chilly, lilting voice that slips and slithers over each song, breathily lulling her listeners into a strange dream. This is the music you play on a lonely drive on a winding road at night—it’s dark but not forbidding, it’s slow but its beats give it a powerful momentum. You can luxuriate in the richness of each song’s layered complexity, or you can let yourself be swept away the sumptuousness of their wall of sound. For more information, see here.

What: Phantogram
When: Friday, Feb. 21 at 7 p.m.
Where: Ace of Spades, 1417 R St., Sacramento
Cost: $25