Mysteries on Stage

stories on stage
From the Stories on Stage website.

It’s mysteries galore this Friday at Stories on Stage, where two local authors will have their work showcased at the mic.

Actor Gabby Battista will read/perform an excerpt from “Tomboy,” the recently released second novel by Shelley Blanton-Stroud featuring gritty protagonist Jane Benjamin. (“Copy Boy” was published in 2020.) “Tomboy,” set in 1939, follows Jane as she works as a cub reporter by day and struggles to care for her toddler sister by night. With a plan to raise money by becoming San Francisco newspaper’s first gossip columnist, Jane infiltrates the upper-class world of women’s championship tennis. Then, as World War II looms, murder happens, and Jane must choose what she’ll let go in her quest to do what’s right.

Actor Gay Cooper will read/perform from Davis-based author Catriona McPherson’s “Scot Mist.” Catriona is the award-winning writer of the oh-so-fun Dandy Gilver and Last Ditch mystery series. “Scot Mist,” released this past January and set in 2020, is her fourth in the Last Ditch series featuring protagonist Lexy Campbell. The novel descriptor reads: “The owners of the Last Ditch Motel, with a little help from their friend Lexy Campbell, are preparing to support one another through the oncoming lockdown. Two weeks to flatten the curve. It’s basically a holiday. What could possibly go wrong?” Read the book to find out, but in the meantime, Stories on Stage promises a roaring good time on Friday night.

For more information about Stories on Stage, which starts at 7 p.m. at CLARA and always includes free cookies, go here. To find out more about the authors, their other books and upcoming author events, visit Shelley’s website here and Catriona’s here.