Musician: Heda Partovi


When I showed my musician boyfriend a YouTube clip of Heda Partovi playing guitar, he couldn’t believe his eyes—or ears. “That guy plays at Tapa the World? Really?” Yep. “That guy”—with the long, tapered fingers and long, dark hair—has been playing at the midtown restaurant for four years now, his fiery flamenco guitar imbuing the room with exotic intensity. (Spanish restaurant, Spanish music—get it?) Some customers actually don’t get it, says Partovi. “Some people know about this music, and they like it,” he says. “But sometimes people ask me, ‘What country’s music is it?’” None of this bothers Partovi, who began studying guitar at 14 in his native Persia and has followed his muse ever since. (He’s 55.) As long as he can keep playing his music, he’s happy. “I once worked as a furniture designer, and there is more money in business,” says Partovi, who moved to the United States about seven years ago and is still mastering English (though his language skills are better than he thinks). “But I am not a businessman; I am a musician.” And how. See for yourself at Tapa the World, 2115 J St., where Partovi performs Tuesday, Friday and Saturday nights beginning at 7:30 p.m.