Music Recommendations From Nick Brunner

In this series, we share local music aficionados’ favorite works from Sacramento artists.
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Singer/songwriter Terra Lopez is “a force,” says CapRadio’s Nick Brunner. Photo by Jeffrey LaTour.

Nick Brunner has been in Sacramento for years now and is currently CapRadio’s assistant program director/modern music director. He hosts “Hey, Listen!,” two hours of new music discovery on Saturdays.

nick brunner
Nick Brunner

Rituals of Mine: “Exceptions” (single)

Rituals of Mine
Rituals of Mine. Photo by Jeffrey LaTour

“Terra Lopez is a force. When she isn’t writing music, she’s going hard on socially conscious art installations, podcasts, DJing livestreams to benefit food banks. Her latest record is soaked in synths, deep bass drops and quick, lyrical delivery.”

Igwe Aka: “Not The Hills” (single)

Igwe Aka
Igwe Aka

“Aka moved to Citrus Heights from Nigeria as a child…. It’s way more rock forward than the work I’m used to hearing from the artist. He can blend genres together in a way that sounds effortless.”

Nate Curry: “Check Up On” (single)

Nate Curry
Nate Curry

“I love that Floppy’s copy shop is a major set piece (in the video). It’s a little haunting to see the video cut from its psychedelic, blue-sky backdrop to the same (Floppy’s) corner during the social-justice protests from last summer.”

Mediocre Cafe: “Bunko’s Party” (single)

“It’s easy to find snarky indifference at the center of so many indie rock records, so when someone pulls of genuine, cynicism-free sentimentality, it feels special.”