Music Recommendations from Katie Knipp

katie knipp

Katie Knipp has been an indie blues/Americana performer for almost 25 years, and she’s blessed with soulful vocals and a great ability to mix several genres into her roots-rock vibe. Her sixth album, “The Well,” is out now.

Element Brass Band: “Cali Got a Brass Band” (album)

Element Brass Band recommended by katie knipp
Element Brass Band. Photo by Jason Pierce

“Nothing moves me more than a traditional New Orleans brass band. Energy! Fun! Fonk! (Not to be confused with ‘funk.’ ‘Fonk’ has the ‘stanky’ addition that puts it on another level.) How can you not dance or be in a good mood when you hear this?”

The Pressure Lounge: “Pertinent Groove” (EP)

The Pressure Lounge recommended by katie knipp
The Pressure Lounge. Photo by Elle Jaye

“This super fun, funky EP gives me a Jamiroquai vibe without taking itself too seriously. I always like to know what Joshua Krage is putting out, because aside from great music, he is always putting out the good supportive vibes on social media.

Heather Evans: “Do Better” (single)

Heather Evans recommended by katie knipp
Heather Evans. Photo by Nate Castillo

“A beautiful song that is reflective of our trying times. Heather inspires me with how quickly she can crank out a song. It has just the right amount of emotion and vibe without being ethereal or willowy, like many female artists tend to succumb to.”