Music Lessons: Katie Knipp

Performers have learned to keep the music alive even without the energy of the crowd.
katie knipp
Photo by Elle Jaye

For blues singer/musician Katie Knipp, the pandemic brought a reminder to choose your mindset carefully.

“It reminded me that we’re really in charge of our own destinies,” says Knipp. “It’s easy to slip into a negative mindset. But in every situation, we have a choice of how to react.”

Knipp can’t deny she’s been missing her band, and missing live shows, since COVID came along. But her world is so big outside of gigsshe teaches music, actively promotes her music online, and is a wife and mom, with two young sons (Tommy, 5, and James, 4)that she’s managed the shutdown unusually well.

Except for the overeating part, she says.

Katie Knipp
Photo by Phil Kampel

“In the beginning, I found myself snacking and drinking quite a bit,” says Knipp.

But she’s no couch potato. While stuck at home, the two-time SAMMIES winner for best blues artist has been working on her sixth album. She’s also made major inroads in her online presence, including heavy promotion of her new single.

“I see this time as an opportunity to up my marketing game,” Knipp says. In addition to devoting more time to building her fan base on Spotify, Knipp finally got on Pandora, which was “a big deal for me,” she says.

Knipp was scheduled for two September shows at Crest Theatre as this went to press. (Fingers crossed.) You can find/buy her music at, Spotify, Pandora, YouTube and elsewhere.