Movies on a Big Screen’s Five-Year Anniversary


Movies on a Big Screen celebrates its fifth anniversary this Sunday, Sept. 11.
Not familiar with Movies on a Big Screen? It’s a weekly microcinema showcase of alternative films and documentaries—ones often filmed on skinny budgets and with limited distribution. Folks in cities such as San Francisco and Los Angeles have access to these flicks, but places like good ol’ Sacramento sometimes get left in the dust.
But thanks to MOBS founders Robert McKeown and his wife, DeeAnn Little, Sacramentans have been privy to these films—“small films but with big visions,” McKeown says—for five years. The venue has shifted over the years, but movies currently are shown at the historic Guild Theater (2828 35th St.) in Oak Park.  This is not your average night at the movies, where you go and simply watch a movie.  MOBS has hosted filmmakers (happy to meet and answer questions from an audience watching their movie) and, on occasion, speakers from the California Reptile and Invertebrate Society, Slow Food Sacramento, the Campaign for Legalizing Urban Chicken Keeping and others in keeping with the theme of the night.  And in December, it’s the annual Crappy Christmas program where MOBS shows really bad holiday movies.
I could tell you more about MOBS and its history and “mission” if you will, but honestly, the MOBS website explains it best (and I can’t say that about all the websites I come across). I always get a kick out of reading co-founder Robert McKeown’s synopsis of MOBS’ history. It’s full of good info—even though it was written in July 2009 when MOBS was shown on Fridays instead of Sundays—and I find his writing amusing and entertaining. And I mean that in a good way.
So check out the website, then check out MOBS this Sunday. In honor of its five-year anniversary, MOBS will show Star Trek: Of Gods and Men and is waiving the usual $5 admission fee. Plus, there will be cake! (But first come, first served.) The show starts at 7:30 p.m. Happy anniversary, MOBS!