Movies on a Big Screen


I am a big fan of Movies on a Big Screen, known for showing movies that for one reason or another don’t get a lot of play in the mainstream theaters. This month, MOABS is dedicating much of its screen time to Christmas movies. But don’t expect It’s a Wonderful Life or even A Christmas Story. No, no, no. December means the return of MOABS’ annual (and popular) Crappy Christmas program (and I am writing that title verbatim per MOABS). On Dec. 22 at 7 p.m., MOABS will present its Crappy Christmas finale at the Crocker Art Museum with a showing of Santa vs Satan. I am not sure where to start in telling you about this movie, so I will let MOABS co-founder Robert McKeown do it here because he does it quite well.
The Crappy Christmas finale does not start and end with the movie. There will also be “crappy” decorations and “crappy” presents given out to a few (un)lucky recipients.
I seriously hope I can make this event.
And hey, if you think seeing a movie titled Santa vs Satan will crush your holiday spirit, soften the blow by getting there early and attending the 4 p.m. showing of Miracle on 34th Street—one of my all-time favorite holiday movies. I love the sincerity of Edmund Gwenn as Kris Kringle and the doe-eyed innocence of Natalie Wood as the little girl who has some serious doubts about the existence of Mr. Claus. My only beef with this movie is that I can’t understand why anyone would move from an apartment overlooking Macy’s on 34th Street in New York City out to the burbs. Those people were crazy. But that’s another blog entirely.
But I don’t think Santa vs Satan will dampen anyone’s holiday spirit (though it is recommended for people 17 and older). It may scare us. Or, it may just make us laugh . . . until we cry. And on Dec. 22, with Christmas just days away and the pressure of the holidays at an all-time high (and that’s coming from someone who actually loves the holidays), laughing may be just what the doctor ordered.
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