Let It Show, Let It Show

Photo from the Archival Gallery website
Archival Gallery

Hanging around town for the holidays, are you? Probably so, considering the pandemic circumstances. If someday soon you are in the mood for a bit of visual whimsy, grab your mask and see what’s hanging over at Archival Gallery.

The East Sacramento gallery (at 3223 Folsom Blvd.) through Dec. 30 is hosting “The Toy Show,” an annual occasion that Archival describes this way:

Decembers at Archival Gallery are a special time when we ask each of our artists to create new works for the holidays in their primary medium of painting, sculpture, raku, fabrics, collage, glass, pastels and more. The artists are free to interpret their vision of toys without boundaries.

Participating artists include Phyllis Cottrell, Shenny Cruces, Lindsey Dillon, Richard Feese, Lindsay Filby, Mason Gunn, Maureen Hood, Debra Kreck-Harnish, Kiny McCarrick, Leslie McCarron, Linda Nunes, Kellie Raines, Sean Royal, Victoria Smith, J.C. Strote and Maria Winkler.

The gallery also has a window display of vintage Santa Clauses. Or is that Santas Clause? Whichever, it’s fun and funky. Here’s a gallery-written insight into some of those Santas:

Vintage blow mold Santas (so named because the factories heated plastic then it was blown into a mold and then painted) are becoming rare and hard to find. Most of these factories have long closed (though reproductions from overseas are showing up) and storing and maintaining them is challenging (extreme cold cracks the plastic). This makes them pricey in antique stores.

Sounds like a jolly good show, Archival. For more information, call (916) 923-6204.