Learn Pet CPR and First Aid


I had been meaning to take a pet first aid and CPR class for a really long time. So when I had the opportunity to do so at Wag Hotels this past fall, I jumped at the chance quicker than a dog jumps for a bone. The course was one day, four hours to be exact, and in it we learned proper pet assessment (to help determine the problem), rescue breathing and CPR, as well as how to treat a wound, what to do if an animal is choking, proper muzzling techniques, “snout to tail” assessment and more. Most of the activities were hands on. No, no, we weren’t practicing on live dogs and cats, but rather stuffed dogs (in various sizes), with the instructor explaining if the method shown differed for felines. It was lot to take in, and I left hoping I would never have to put it to use on my cat, Angel, dog, Cloe, or any other animal. But I feel more at ease being aware of what to do (and what not to do!) in an emergency. Thankfully, we were sent home with a booklet packed with information (as well as pictures illustrating some of the techniques).

The next course—a well-spent $125 for you and a friend (or $62.50 individually)—to be held at the West Sacramento Wag is Saturday, Jan 7. Sign up here. Or, call (888) 924-5463.