Laugh at B Street

b street theater
Image courtesy of B Street Theatre's website.

Perhaps more than ever but certainly as much as ever, we all could use a good laugh about now. Funny thing is, B Street Theatre is here to help.

The live-arts organization is reviving its New Comedies Festival, after a two-year hiatus, at The Sophia complex (2700 Capitol Ave.). B Street solicited and received a couple hundred original works from playwrights across the land, and four of them are being presented as live readings from Thursday, June 30, though Sunday, July 3.

Theatergoers, who can see everything with a $40 “weekend pass” (ticket and curtain-time information is available online), will vote on which play they like best. The winner will be presented as part of B Street’s Mainstage 2023 season.

Here’s a brief summary of the New Comedies Festival finalists, as described by B Street:

“Cosmo St. Charles Is Dead And Someone in This Room Killed Him,” by Nicole Zimmerer. “When world-renowned archeologist Cosmo St. Charles dies of unknown causes while hosting an out-of-character dinner party, it’s up to gritty private eye Mac Marlowe to uncover the truth and catch the killer.”

“Death of a Social Security Benefit,” by Silvia Gonzalez. “Jack and Shirly are an unmarried elderly couple who share a house and drink martinis all day. Shirly wants to get married for financial purposes, but Jack, having been married multiple times, doesn’t see the point. Shirly, however, is determined to protect the life she now has, and will go to any lengths to keep both her and Jack’s social security benefits.”

“Insertion,” by Sarah Groustra, “Nineteen-year-old Maisie has finally landed an apprenticeship at the prestigious Red Key Publishing House, with the acclaimed fiction writer Gilda Tarrington assigned as her mentor. But posh, ancient Gilda has a secret: she’s really the mind behind the famous pseudonym of an erotic paperback empire, and she believes Maisie has the potential to be her successor. Determined not to lose her first major writing opportunity, Maisie sets out to learn everything she can about sex.”

“Rescue Me,” by Peter Story and Tara Sissom. “Two lone survivors from a plane crash find themselves battling the elements and each other as they try to navigate the open ocean and a deserted island. With some hope, some ingenuity and maybe a little help from God . . . they might just make it out of this disaster alive.”