‘Jekyll and Hyde’


When “Jekyll and Hyde” first hit the Broadway stage in 1997, there was a collective “Huh?” from critics and audiences alike. Frank Wildhorn’s musical adaptation of the classic Robert Louis Stevenson, taking some pretty big departures from its source material, is less a meditation on human nature and more of an erotic thriller. Despite initial bafflement at the bombastic production and soaring musical numbers, the show took off, running for four years on Broadway before transitioning to other stages and tours.

In the years since, “Jekyll and Hyde” has become a cult hit among theater lovers across the globe. Its energizing pop-rock score brings new life to the classic characters of Dr. Jekyll and his hidden evil counterpart, Mr. Hyde. It doesn’t shy away from showing the dirty, sexy and violent double life of the good doctor, and nor does it skimp on the sentimentality and pathos of the tragic love story between Jekyll and the two woman who fall for him. Adults will enjoy this wickedly grown-up musical. For more information about the Harris Center’s production of “Jekyll and Hyde,” see here.

What: “Jekyll and Hyde”
When: Monday through Wednesday, Jan. 19-21, various times
Where: Harris Center for the Arts, 19 College Parkway, Folsom
Cost: $45-$79