Ivy House Goes to 50 Percent


It was just last week we reported that Ivy House’s markdowns jumped from 25 percent to 35 percent. We didn’t expect the jump to 50 percent so soon, but the popular East Sac gift shop made the leap. Inventory is sparse enough that when you walk in the store, it sounds somewhat hollow. Still, there are deals-o-plenty to be had in the form of furniture, scented soaps, baby gifts, jewelry—and those Christmas trees we reported on last blog. Of particular note: a stunning William Sutton and Co. clock that normally retails for $248. And while it may be too hot to think of wearing a sweatshirt now, come winter you’ll be cozy in your East Sac sweatshirt—especially knowing you picked yours up for $20 to $25. One caveat: Only large sizes remain. If you’re looking for sizes L to 2 XL, stop in.