Italian Language Courses


A few years ago I traveled to Italy with my good friend Angela. In preparation for the trip, we decided to take an Italian language course. What did I learn? That I have a serious block when it comes to learning foreign languages! I joke that, as an editor, I spend my days promoting the English language so much that I don’t have room in the brain to learn a foreign language. In actuality, the fact that I didn’t study or practice much didn’t help, either. So I sauntered off to Italy somewhat complacent with the false knowledge that “they speak English in most heavily traveled countries.” In hindsight, it would have greatly behooved me to learn a little Italian. Next time I’ll study harder.

I just got word that an “Italian for Travelers and Beginners” class is starting up Jan. 13 at the Murer House Learning Center in Old Folsom. The eight-week class will be held Thursdays from 7–8:30 p.m. and will “help you learn basic skills and travel tips.”

Those more fluent in Italian might consider enrolling in “Continuing Italian,” also an eight-week class, held at the Murer House Wednesdays from 7–8:30 p.m. “Continuing Italian” starts Jan. 12 and runs through March 2. Both classes cost $120. (You’ll shell out another $27 for the travel guide in “Italian for Travelers and Beginners.”) To sign up, e-mail or call (916) 985-3250.

I wish I had a trip to Italy planned for this year. If so, I’d strongly consider taking the beginners’ course. Unlike high school or college classes where the almighty grade holds you ransom and robs you of joy, these classes actually sound fun! Ciao!