Insane Race “Warrior Dash” Hits Nor-Cal This Year


I signed up for the Warrior Dash yesterday–a 3.15-mile obstacle course that’s a mess full of mud, things to climb on and climb over, and blood, sweat and tears–and I’m terrified (and a little electrified). As I understand it, you start out running the course and come upon 12 obstacles, including rappelling, climbing over hay bales, “speed stepping” through tires, and climbing under barbed wire and through mud puddles to reach the finish. Oh, did I mention there’s also an obstacle called Warrior Roast, where you jump over fire? Scary!

Warrior Dash is a race, and four prizes are awarded: best times for men and women, best age division times for men  and women, *best costume* (yes, you’re supposed to get dressed up like a crazy warrior with helmet and war paint), AND best warrior beard, which is hilarious. 

Here’s the link for the Northern California race. It will go down on Oct. 30, 2010. This kooky race takes place at Wild Adventure Paintball Park in Zamora (near Woodland, about 30 minutes outside of Sacramento). Registration costs $65 per person plus a $5 processing fee, and for the cost you get to participate in the race, you get a T-shirt, food and beer, and a helmet.

Wanna join me? I could use some friends out there!