Indigenous Art Meets the West

“Sundering the Unconsciousness” by Stan Padilla (2020), acrylic on canvas, from Axis Gallery
art axis gallery

As we have emerged into springtime, Axis Gallery pays tribute to a cultural emergence with the exhibit “Sundering the Unconscious: An Indigenous View of the Transformation of Western Values.”

The artworks by Stan Padilla and Ray Gonzales will be on display from April 3 through April 25 at the midtown (625 S St.) gallery, which is open from noon to 5 p.m. weekends.

Here’s how Axis describes the exhibit:

“The years 2016-2020 were part of an intensifying, tumultuous, transformational period in human society. All of this was predicted in the ancient Mexican Indigenous prophecies. The artists’ work presented here is a ‘living expression, current view’ of this unfolding evolutionary process.

“A multi-media exhibition that addresses life consciousness, death, unconsciousness, transformation and a mystical basis for a new world order. This will be an art gallery transformed into a temple space and the artists into storytellers.”

Padilla, who is a mural painter of the Royal Chicano Air Force, also creates works through drawing, painting and jewelry. Of Yaqui Tribal and Chicano heritage, he is artistic/cultural mentor for the United Auburn Indian Tribal School.

Gonzales is a long-time public school teacher in Lincoln and is adjunct professor at Sierra College. Many of his sculptures are displayed locally.

For more information about the exhibit, visit Axis Gallery’s website.