How To Become an Associate Producer


How would you like to be an associate producer on an exciting new web series? Created by actor/teacher/producer and all-around good guy Rick Gott, “Dark Pool” tells the story of a man who witnesses his daughter’s kidnapping and the man’s quest to find her. The twist, no one around him—not even his wife—appears to be concerned. The series deals with multiple dimensions, alternate realties and time travel. (In other words, this is not another copycat of “CSI.”)

As with everything else, money is needed to fund the web series. That is where you come in. Pledge your support, and take away some fun stuff. What you get depends on how much you pledge, with the goods from one pledge becoming a part of the package for each higher pledge. For example, pledge $50, and you’ll get a “thank-you” credit at the end of every episode in Season 2. Pledge $100, and you’ll get the “thank-you” credit and a special preview link to watch each episode in Season 2 before the general public. Want to name a character? Pledge $500. Want to appear on the show? Pledge $1,000. Pledge $3,000 and you get the “associate producer” credit.

Why else should you consider funding this project? Gott (a theater arts and film instructor at Natomas Charter School’s Performing and Fine Arts Academy) and company hope the project will create opportunities for youth working in the entertainment industry. As Gott writes on his website, “We believe that the web series is the new entertainment platform of the future, and your generous donations will help us establish our presence in these early days of a brand new industry. . . . We firmly believe that creating web series will be at the top of the list of ways to generate employment in the entertainment industry. Please help us be there when it happens!”

To learn more, check out the series or pledge, click here.