Hop on the Bus, Gus


I was one of the thousands of crazy souls who braved the weather and the crowds yesterday and made a trip to Arden Fair for some Christmas shopping (with a few items purchased for myself). I listened to my gut and parked at Cal Expo and caught the free shuttle over to the mall. Boy, was that a smart idea! A shuttle took off just as I arrived, but within 10 minutes another one came along. When we pulled into the mall’s parking lot, I knew I had made the right decision. There wasn’t a parking space in sight and the line of cars trying to find one—well it was not for the faint of heart. The shuttle dropped me off in front of the mall. I did my shopping, came out a few hours later and hopped back on another one. To borrow a line from Staples, that was easy! Need to head to Arden Fair before the Big Day? I suggest taking that free shuttle. Oh, and did I mention that parking at Cal Expo is free, too?