Holiday Home Tour in East Sacramento This Weekend


This weekend, five homeowners in East Sacramento’s well known “Fab 40s” neighborhood will open their fantabulously-decorated homes to the public for the 2009 Holiday Home Tour. Some may think it’s strange to tour random homes, but I promise  there are reasons to do it:

First, they’re used to it! Very used to it, in fact: This is the Holiday Home Tour’s 36th year.

Second, you can get great ideas for decorating your (likely much smaller) home.

Third, how often do you get to see the inside of those beautiful things? Well, other than once a year during this tour.

Fourth, all proceeds go to Sacred Heart Parish School, so you’re donating during the holidays. What a cool way to give back!

Tickets are $20 online through Dec. 2, and $20 at certain retailers until Dec. 3. Starting Dec. 4, tickets are $30.