Help Produce and Appear in a Movie


Local filmmaker Jim Meyers is one-third of the way through his second movie, Melissa May I— a comedy about a guy who got rich quick and then lost it all just as fast, and how he’s affected not only by the experience, but also by the two women who lift him up afterward. And to work on part two of the production, Meyers needs some funding assistance. Lucky for us, he’s turned to, a new and now wildly popular website that gives small businesses (and artists) the power to harness the income of friends, family and fans through a rewarded-donation system. In fact, a Web series produced locally was recently funded in the same fashion.

The cool thing about helping out with Melissa May I? You can, depending on your pledge level, be listed in the credits, visit the set during filming and appear as an extra in the film. So what are you waiting for—take part in the production of Melissa May I! Just make sure you pledge before the deadline of Saturday at 7:43 a.m.