Have Another Offal Day


When I think of exotic, slightly scary meat dishes, I think of sweetbreads and bone marrow and chicken feet. Maybe ostrich jerky, or buffalo burgers, too. The list of things I don’t think of might include lamb brain samosas, pickled gizzards, and deep fried duck tongues and testicles. Shows how much of a foodie I am! All of those stomach-twisting dishes were included at last year’s celebration of the unloved parts of the animal, Have an Offal Day. This year, the ode to entrails and internal organs is back on Sunday, Aug. 10, at Mulvaney’s B&L. Sacramento’s best chefs will be preparing surprising, creative, and nerve-wracking bites for brave guests. Kru’s Billy Ngo, Mother’s Michael Thiemann, Aimal Formoli of Formoli’s Bistro, Michael Tuohy of Block Butcher Bar, and, of course, Patrick Mulvaney (along with numerous other fantastic chefs) will be sure to challenge you ideas of what is edible and what isn’t. For the daring food lover, this event is an absolute must. Learn more here.

What: Have Another Offal Day
When: Sunday, Aug. 10, 2 p.m.–5 p.m.
Where: Mulvaney’s B&L, 1215 19th St., Sacramento
Cost: $65