Harvest Day 2020 Plows Ahead

harvest day

The University of California Cooperative Extension’s Master Gardener Program annually offers a Harvest Day. This year’s version happens Saturday, Aug. 1, with Q&A guest appearances by environmental horticultural adviser Karrie Reid (9 a.m.) and edible landscape expert Ed Laivo (10 a.m.). There’s also a panel discussion (11 a.m.).

If you want to attend, there’s no need for a wide-brimmed straw hat, sunscreen and your latest fashion accessory, a face mask. The entire event issurprise!virtual.

Teri VanAirsdale hosts a Harvest Day video welcome in which she emerges from her (presumably) home’s sliding glass door. It’s impossible not to notice, and appreciate, her fuzzy lime-green slippers. Wouldn’t it be great, she muses, if by snapping her fingers she could bring the Fair Oaks Horticulture Center to all those who are watching her on their computer monitors or handheld devices?

Like the miracle that is photosynthesisVanAirsdale snaps her fingers and suddenly she is dressed in blue-denim overalls and talking to us from the Horticulture Center.

harvest day home


VanAirsdale then explains how the Harvest Day 2020 webpage offers two dozen videos that do a deep dig into topics that include composting, herbs, vegetables and water-efficient landscapes. She also points out that both Reid (“Building Resilient Gardens”) and Laivo (“Grow Fruit in Limited Space Using Size Control”) have videos on that page, too.

“And just like the real Harvest Day, you can see everything at your own pace,” VanAirsdale saysYou can immerse yourself in all the videos today, or you can watch one today, two tomorrow! It’s up to you. The best thing about it being a virtual Harvest Day is that if you missed something, you didn’t see it, didn’t quite catch it, go back and watch it again. Tomorrow, next weekit’s all right there waiting for you.”

As usual, next year’s UCCE Master Gardeners of Sacramento County calendar will be available for purchase. Its theme is “Trees.” Order it for $10 via the master gardeners website.