Gonna Start a Revolution . . .


OK, maybe “revolution” is too strong a word, but Rick Gott is trying to drum up interest and exposure for his new web series, “Dark Pool” by staging an online flash mob this coming Thursday. He’s asking people to log onto YouTube on Oct. 13, search for and watch “Dark Pool” or “Dark Pool Web Series.”

What’s “Dark Pool” about? Gott describes it as a sci-fi conspiracy theory story about a man whose little girl is kidnapped in front of a large group of people, including the man and his wife, yet no one seems to care, not even his wife. “Time travel, super string theory, DNA manipulation and corporate corruption are all part of life when you enter the Dark Pool,” says Gott.

Who is Rick Gott and why should you participate in this online flash mob? Gott is a much-loved acting instructor at Natomas Charter School in Sacramento as well as a local actor, writer and producer. He wants to help get the acting industry moving—and people in the industry working—in the Sacramento area. And by “people” he’s not simply talking about actors. He’s also talking about producers, directors, cinematographers, stagehands, caterers, etc. Gott is hoping that if “Dark Pool” gets a lot of hits on Thursday, YouTube will take notice and initiate a partnership, and who knows where that might lead.

I took an acting class from Gott last fall. He’s one heck of a nice guy, so positive and fun! I want to help him with his mission.