Fright Planet


Halloween festivities are starting early in Sacramento with Fright Planet opening its gates again on Sept. 27. Located at Cal Expo, Fright Planet is Sacramento’s largest haunted house. For claustrophobic thrill seekers, there’s the Distorted Maze, which features dead ends, fog, strobe lights and areas of total darkness to disorient its victims. Lovers of the Chuckie movie series might dare to enter Hobart’s Doll Factory, one of several different immersive scare zones. And for those whose knees go weak when scared, there’s Buried Alive the Ride, a motion simulator ride. The place gets crowded leading up to Halloween, so avoid lines by going at the end of September or the beginning of October. The entire park is wheelchair-accessible, and children are welcome to come (although people under the age of 13 need an adult guardian). That said, this isn’t exactly a family-friendly event. Be prepared to see zombies, ghosts, monsters and a whole lot of fake blood. It’s supposed to be fun, but that doesn’t mean you’re not still going to scream your head off.

What: Fright Planet
When: Sept. 27–Nov. 2
Where: Cal Expo, Sacramento
Cost: $19.95–$49.95