Five Things To Do on Thanksgiving That Don’t Involve Eating, Football or Shopping


It’s Thanksgiving and I know you know the drill: watch hours of football, eat until you feel like someone stuffed you instead of the turkey and, maybe, head out to the mall to score some Black Friday deals.

But what else can you do on this Thanksgiving Day? Here are five suggestions.

• Meet a friend for coffee. The Naked Lounge in midtown, at 1500 Q St., is open on Thanksgiving from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m. Perhaps you can sneak away for an hour and unwind with a friend over a “Bowl of Soul”—chamomile tea, vanilla soy milk and honey. It’ll soothe any frayed nerves, and make you feel warm and comfy. Just be sure not to order it too close to the big meal; it’s surprisingly filling.

• Go for a walk (or run). Whether you participate in one of the area fun runs—Run To Feed The Hungry in East Sacramento or the Folsom Turkey Trot—or just get out to your neighborhood park, get outside and enjoy the day. Admire the pretty fall colors, embrace the brisk temps (and maybe some rain) and get some exercise.

• Feed the ducks. This used to be an annual tradition for my Dad and me. Bring some stale bread (about a quarter to half a loaf should suffice), head out to the duck pond at either William Land Park (near the Sacramento Zoo at 16th Avenue and Land Park Drive) or McKinley Park (H Street and Alhambra), and feed the ducks their Thanksgiving dinner. Get there on the early side of the day; others often have the same idea, and, believe it or not, the ducks do get full after a while. Just be mindful of Run To Feed the Hungry, which may impede getting to McKinley Park most of the morning.

• Play. Whether it’s partaking in a game of Scrabble with your family (Words With Friends doesn’t count), jumping on piles of leaves with the kids (Your own. In your own yard. Not your neighbor’s.) or throwing around a ball with your dog, make some time to play today.

• Belt Out Some Karaoke. C’mon, you made it through dinner with your relatives all assembled in one room and, I trust, there were no homicides. (Murderous thoughts don’t count.) So surely the idea of getting up and singing in front of a crowd should be no big whoop. You can do it! Want to give it a try? Head out to Blue Moon Cafe and Karaoke, located at 5000 Freeport Blvd. in Sacramento, and belt out all the tunes you desire until 2 a.m. . . . Oh, I really want to add something along the lines of, “hit Target on your way home,” and technically I can, because “2 a.m. Friday” is no longer “Thanksgiving.” Instead I will adhere to my pledge to offer five things to do on Thanksgiving that don’t involve eating, football and shopping, and I’m sticking to it.

Happy Thanksgiving!