Dolphins and Whales at the IMAX


I went with the family to see Dolphins and Whales, Tribes of the Ocean, at the IMAX. ( It’s awesome in 3-D—the huge humpback and Southern right whales (which can be up to 60 feet long) swim straight at you. You feel like you’re underwater, swimming with them. The details are so crisp that it’s tempting to reach right out to try and touch the barnacles that grow on the creatures’ bodies. We wondered how many expensive 3-D cameras got ruined by the flip of the whales’ tails. My girls loved the playful bottlenose dophins and the slow, bulbous manatees. The movie runs 42 minutes and is narrated by Splash actress and environmentalist Daryl Hannah. We walked out impressed by the filmmaking and the sheer beauty of these incredible animals—cetaceans, they’re called—but we also felt a little preached at by the environmentalist message of the film. (