Crescent Club Evokes a Bygone Era


Old Sacramento has always held its share of unique attractions. Whether a three-story saloon or a street-front shooting range, you never know what you’ll encounter. So it should be no surprise that the Crescent Club, Sacramento’s newest speakeasy, calls Old Sac home. Tucked away under Café Americain on Front Street, the Crescent Club features live Prohibition-era music on the weekends, jazz-age cocktails from the vintage bar, and a rabbit warren of underground rooms filled with wall hangings, divans, antiques and the sound of ’20s tunes. Lounge on the divan and sip a sidecar, or relax on the patio and smoke a contraband Cuban cigar; no matter what you’ll feel like you’re breaking the rules at the Crescent Club . . . which I guess is kind of the point of speakeasy after all.

Check out the Crescent Club website for a schedule of live music, including this Saturday’s CD release party by gypsy-swing band The World’s Finest Apples.