Creating in a Pandemic: Tim Engle

tim engle

He wrapped up a photo shoot with Amazon Robotics on a Tuesday. By Friday, commercial photographer Tim Engle says, clients began to cancel sessions one by one due to the coronavirus. At that moment, Engle watched the rest of his calendar year disappear. But rather than wallow in his losses, he chose to find inspiration within the chaos by photographing the pandemic and capturing the impact it’s had on so many.

“The DNA of our culture will be shifted in a very short amount of time,” Engle says. “As a photographer, we’re in a unique position. This is a large chapter in history no matter how you cut it, and we need to document it.” For him, no moment should be forgotten.

“Don’t think that the littlest things aren’t of value as far as the change in life,” he says. “It may feel trivial now, but those moments and changes magnify over history.”

See Engle’s snapshots: