Creating in a Pandemic: Stefan Calka

Dancer Stefan Calka

Dancer Stefan Calka was working with choreographer Jennifer Archibald on a new piece for the Sacramento Ballet when all of a sudden the music stopped.

“There was a piece that we just finished making. It doesn’t even have a title yet because it was brand new,” Calka says. “I was really enjoying that piece, and it was going to be a part of our upcoming homegrown repertory series.”

Calka’s dramatic and fluid movements have landed him in numerous leading roles such as Count Dracula (“Dracula”), Romeo (“Romeo and Juliet”) and Jay Gatsby (“The Great Gatsby”). With more than 15 years at the Sacramento Ballet, he looks forward to getting back to the studio as soon as it’s safe.

“I’m hopeful. Performing artists are only as strong as the communities that support them,” he says. “It speaks to how strong the foundation the community has to support its local artists. That’s really necessary and speaks to the value of what each city really cares about and what it looks for in its arts.”

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