Creating in a Pandemic: Nicole McKeever

Photography by Bri McKi Photography
nicole mckeever

The hallways of CLARA Studios for the Performing Arts were silent as dancers, musicians and actors stayed home. That silence was deafening to Nicole McKeever, owner of the McKeever School of Irish Dance, an occupant of the midtown campus.

“For Irish dance schools, March is huge,” McKeever says. “We lost 25 shows. Some were really wonderful opportunities, so that was hard.”

With the help of her sister, Natalie, a visual artist and videographer, McKeever posted prerecorded dance lessons and live classes online.

She says Irish dancing is an intimate art form that speaks to audiences and artists during the pandemic. “This style of dance was built for small spaces, with small groups of people,” McKeever says. “It’s got this quality to it that’s perfect for this time of isolation. It’s kind of crazy that it’s perfectly made for this time.”

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