Creating in a Pandemic: Isela Perez

isela perez dance

Want to move like one of Beyoncé’s backup dancers? Isela Perez, the owner and co-founder of Sac Dance Lab, teaches just that, as well as jazz, hip-hop and ballet. Perez temporarily closed her studio in March, but like many performing artists she pivoted to online classes and tutorials using YouTube.

“Our role at Sac Dance Lab is to bring people affordable experiences that make you feel good and healthy,” Perez says. “That adrenaline and happiness we’ve been able to provide to people is crucial.”

She pulls from 22 years of experience, including her time spent as a member of the Sacramento Kings dance team, to inspire students to find their own rhythm, even during times of crisis.

“I’m absorbing it from afar,” she says. “Once classes start again, as choreographers, we’re pushed to come up with new material. I feel like there will be a lot more buildup creatively.”

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