Creating in a Pandemic: DJ Larry Rodriguez

DJ Larry Rodriguez

When his weekly Sunday-night dance parties at The Press Club stopped during the pandemic, DJ Larry Rodriguez decided to bring the funk to people’s houses by live-streaming his Flower Bomb Dance Party on Facebook.

“I put a lot of time into setting the whole thing up and curating the visuals for it and of course the mix,” he says. “People have been really appreciative of being able to dance in the confines of their comfy home. It’s a good way to keep us all at a distance, but still enjoy life and keep our spirits up.”

Once bars and clubs reopen, Rodriguez says he looks forward to making a comeback, spinning pop, disco, electro-boogie and psychedelic music to get everybody moving together again.

“I miss having the energy of the audience being there because it bounces off them. Part of being a DJ is feeling that,” Rodriguez says. “Then you throw out the jams accordingly. It’s an instinctual thing after a while.”

Dance to Rodriguez’ energetic mixes every Sunday night on Facebook: Dance Party w/DJ Larry/Flower Vato

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