Could You Use a Good Laugh?

laughs unlimited

Sorry, there’s no COVID-19 vaccine yet. But laughter, as it has been said, is the best medicine. You can get a dose of it Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings in Old Sacramento.

Laughs Unlimited, which has been in business since 1980, has adapted to the pandemic’s restrictions by launching “Inside Jokes, Outside Laughs.” Patrons are treated to an hour of entertainment in the comedy club’s outdoor venue, where they wear headphones that direct the comedians’ riffs directly into their noggins.

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The club-provided headphones are sanitized before they are handed out by mask-wearing employees. Tickets are $23.13 (which includes a processing fee) and must be purchased in advance by clicking on the calendar at the Laughs Unlimited website. Drinks and food are available for purchase at the 1207 Front St. club; there is a two-item minimum per guest.

Laughs Unlimited says that the summer series, which runs at least through August, is “reminiscent of a silent disco to decrease distractions from the surroundings. The headphones provide a surround sound experience that creates the close intimacy of laughter in the group setting of a comedy show without the concerns of the general public hearing jokes they didn’t sign up for. Comics can remain no holds barred while they enjoy one of the most popular forms of free speech.”

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Over the decades, Laughs Unlimited has welcomed noteworthy comedians such as Harry Anderson, Dana Carvey, Paul Reiser, Jerry Seinfeld and Yakov Smirnoff.

For more information, go to Laughs Unlimited’s Facebook page.crowd laughing at comedy club