Clay Dates!

clay ceramics sculptures

If the extent of your experience with ceramics is when you last watched Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze at the potter’s wheel in that iconic love scene in the 1990 film “Ghost,” then it’s high time to expand your understanding of the ceramic arts. This summer, you can do just that by tuning in to a series of live Zoom webinars being offered by John Natsoulas Center for the Arts in Davis.

During each three-hour demonstration, get up close and personal with a celebrated ceramic artist as they sculpt in real time and discuss their art and craft during live Q&As.

This coming Saturday, June 13, native Hawaiian artist Esther Shimazu will conduct a virtual tutorial called “Learn how to build a dog!” Shimazu, as the gallery’s website explains, “will focus on how to create volume and texture as well as finer details such as teeth and claws.”

Participants (with materials at home) can construct their own ceramic dogs while watching Shimazu create hers and can converse with the artist throughout the session.

Shimazu, whose works have been displayed internationally, is best known for her playful ceramic sculptures of—as the gallery’s website describes them—“bald, nude, chunky Asian women.”

The class, like the five remaining sessions taking place through August, runs from 1 to 4 p.m. and costs $50. Just make sure you have Zoom downloaded on your computer before the class begins.

Here is the lineup for the upcoming virtual ceramic workshops:

June 27: Beth Lo will discuss ceramic glazing and painting techniques.

Beth Lo
Beth Lo

July 11: Patti Warashina will show how she creates her “ironically absurd figurative sculptures that often portray human behavior.”

Patti Warashina
Patti Warashina

July 25: Kevin Snipes “will hand-build a complete piece using three steps he has refined over the years.”

Kevin Snipes
Kevin Snipes

Aug. 8: Irina Zaytceva shows how she makes “smaller works such as porcelain sculptures and jewelry.”

Irina Zaytceva
Irina Zaytceva

Aug. 29: Tip Toland “will explore her unique process of creating hyper-idealistic figurative sculptures.”

Tip Toland ceramic artist
Tip Toland

Two of John Natsoulas’ past ceramics workshops, featuring sculptor Arthur Gonzalez and sculptor duo Adrian Arleo and Michelle Gregor, are available for purchase via download.

For more information about the ceramic-workshop series, contact the gallery at (530) 756-3938.