Capturing the Arts: Mayumi Acosta

Photography by Mayumi Acosta
Mayumi Acosta

A scientist who specialized in plant genetics, Mayumi Acosta switched careers in 2014 to delve into photography full time. portrait photographer, she is especially skilled when it comes to showing the strength, beauty and delicate movements of ballet dancers in motion.

Kendall Minteer
Kendall Minteer

“I can capture the perfect movement and the perfect flow of the fabric, but if I don’t see any emotion on the face or in the eyes, it doesn’t mean anything to me,” Acosta says. “The first thing that I want to capture is the emotion in every picture that I create, regardless if it’s dancing or headshots or family portraits. I always want to capture that emotion because I want people to connect with that photograph. To me, connection is true emotion.”

Photo by Mayumi Acosta
Noelle Downard