Capital Stage Moving to Midtown


Don’t expect a cast of thousands. But when Capital Stage relocates from the Delta King to its new home on J Street this spring, perks will include a larger stage and larger backstage area, making room for—you guessed it—larger casts.
“For us, getting eight actors instead of four is what we mean by a ‘bigger’ cast,” quips producing artistic director Stephanie Gularte, one of the founders of Cap Stage back in ’99, when it was called the Delta King Theatre. Seats in the new theater will wrap about two-thirds of the stage, Gularte says, maintaining the intimate feel the theater company is known for.
Gularte is sufficiently stoked about the move, and with good reason: The theater will be located at 2215 J St., one of the liveliest sections of town, flanked by popular eateries such as Chicago Fire and Tapa the World. “We’re so fortunate to have found this building,” says Gularte of the approximately 4,000-square-foot structure, which formerly housed the Old Sacramento Armoury. The building’s high, urban warehouse-style ceilings will expand the theater’s production options significantly, says Gularte. “Higher ceilings are really critical for both design and set,” she says. “It allows for more creativity.”
But like all things real estate, it’s really about location, location, location.
“The greatest reason for making this move is to grow the company by increasing our exposure in the Sacramento area,” says Gularte, who feels they’ve been a bit hidden on the boat in Old Sac. “Having a storefront presence is critical to our success.”
April 2011 is the target date for Capital Stage’s first production in the new location.