Cap Stage Presents “The Hombres”

From the Cap Stage website
Image from the Capital Stage website.

Attention men and all the rest of you: Capital Stage is winding down its 2022-23 season with “The Hombres.” The Tony Meneses drama, being premiered in California, runs through June 4 at the Midtown (2215 J St.) live-arts theater.

Directed by Dena Martinez, the play stars Ryan Perez Adame, Nestor Campos Jr., Elio Gutierrez, Jeremy Kahn and Angel Rodriguez.

Here’s how Cap Stage describes it:

“A look at the intimacy of male relationships through the point of view of Machismo culture, ‘The Hombres’ follows Julián, a gay Latino yoga teacher, as he clashes with the Latino construction workers outside his studio—particularly the older head of the crew, Héctor, who seeks from Julián something he never expected.”

The show has evening stagings Wednesdays through Saturdays and matinees on most Saturdays (not May 6) and all Sundays. Tickets are $35 to $52 and may be purchased online.

Cap Stage’s current season concludes June 21-July 23 with the West Coast premiere of “Predictor,” by Jennifer Blackmer.

“Based on true events, ‘Predictor’ is the real-life story of Margaret Crane who, in 1967, defied all odds and expectations to become the inventor of the first home pregnancy test. An imaginative, stubborn, recovering-Catholic graphic artist with a proclivity for seeing things differently, Margaret contemplates the decision to sell her patent for the first home pregnancy test to Organon Pharmaceuticals. Will Meg’s invention fall into the wrong hands and disappear, or will she make the ultimate sacrifice to change the shape of women’s lives forever?”

Find out more at the Capital Stage website.