Bows & Arrows: I Don’t Know What It Is, But I Like It


Not so many months ago, two separate area business got together and created a weird commerce Voltron* on 19th Street. The two businesses were Bows & Arrows, a vintage/thrift boutique formerly on L Street, and Fat Face, a sandwich and popsicle stand in Davis that made a name for itself by inserting new flavors into old favorites (kiwi and red velvet popsicle, anyone?). The new hybrid is much more than the sum of its parts. The spacious confines on 19th near S in midtown now play host to both prior businesses plus a bar pouring an eclectic mix of craft brews and international wines, a garden patio, a musical performance space and an art gallery. This Saturday (Nov. 5) B&A is setting aside some space to host a “build-your-own-terrarium” workshop (check link for details). It’s a great place to shop, drink, eat or just hang out. The people-watching is just about the best in midtown, and even the squarest of the squares (I’m including myself in that) feel just a little hipper being there.

*Voltron, the ’80s children’s cartoon, featured multiple vehicles joining together to create one giant fighting robot. As a noun or verb, “voltron” should be used when two or more things join together with exciting results.