Black Artists Fund Recipient: Keia Kodama

Keia Kodama

Launched this past summer, the Black Artists Fund has already disbursed two rounds of grants, with more contributions and camaraderie planned for 2021. In this series, we introduce some of the BAF recipients. For more about the BAF grants, go here.

Keia Kodama

She embraces her love for sneaker culture and rocks men’s clothing better than they do. Keia Kodama is a stylist and fashion designer who creates funky home décor and customized, limitededition clothing as The Kodama Project.

“Im very sporty and Im still a little punk. That’s something you dont see a lot in Black culture, especially on women, because those two are still anti-feminine,” she says. “Ive always been girls boy when it comes to fashion. A lot of my influence comes from guysreactions to how I would style their clothes. I’m about to take over the boys club and show you guys how to do it right.”

From pink basketball-shaped planters that hang like decorative chandeliers to gaudy, oversized fuzzy jackets adorned with a swoosh, Kodama designs for those who seek to wear confidence on their sleeve.

“I think theres just this rebel in me. It’s about individuality and expressing myself,” Kodama says. “I think beauty and fashion are the only things that you can do that are not harmful to yourself when it comes to reinventing who you are. All you have to do is change your style or your hair color. Thats the beauty of fashion.”