Artist: Sarah Flohr


Sarah Flohr’s studio sits off Fruitridge Road, flanked by a roofing company and an awning maker. Her second-story windows overlook a transport hub where 18-wheelers line up around the clock to load produce.
Upstairs, 2,200 square feet of space is laid bare, with polished wood gleaming underfoot and natural light streaming in from skylights and windows. “My boyfriend calls it my oasis,” Flohr says.
This is where Flohr creates, transforming her letter-size watercolors into mighty paintings abundant with color. Her works lean against the walls, many canvases measuring 60 by 80 inches—thrice that for her triptychs.
Oversized blooms. Snakes. Stilted Cambodian houses. Prehistoric stones of Carnac, France. The images come to her, she says, rather than the other way around.
“I try not to take too much responsibility for them,” Flohr says. “I try to let them tell the story. That’s what makes painting so exciting. . . . I certainly don’t want to put any pressure on the work: ‘Be this, be that.’”
The Sacramento-born artist, who teaches full time at Sacramento State, studied at The Art Institute of Chicago and the Kunstakademie in Düsseldorf, Germany. She received her Master of Fine Arts from Yale University and spent time in France as a Fulbright Scholar. Her work, including several outdoor sculptural installations, has been shown in France, Germany and Russia. She will be exhibiting at the National Center for Contemporary Art, Moscow, in January. Visit Flohr’s website at for more information.