A Place Called Sacramento


You’ll rarely find me inside a movie theater during the day, especially a bright, sunny day. Something about leaving a dark theater and coming back out to the daylight leaves me feeling sleepy. But I am gladly making an exception this Sunday afternoon, Oct. 2, for A Place Called Sacramento, which takes place at the Crest Theatre downtown.
The event—put on by Access Sacramento—showcases and celebrates the work of local scriptwriters who were all tasked with coming up with a 10-minute short film, with a plot that ties into the area. (A 10-minute film, mind you, takes months to write, shoot, edit, etc.) Ten projects were selected for screening, and I am looking forward to seeing all of them. However—insert almost-but-not-quite-nepotism alert here—I’m particularly excited to see Reluctant because I know some of the people involved.
To see a list of films, click here. (Click the “Save the Date” image on the middle of the page, then click on the “2011 A Place Called Sacramento Script Winners” link on the left side of the page.) Tickets are $10; the show starts at 1 p.m.
Come on out to the Crest this Sunday—get there early to snag tickets (or purchase them in advance by clicking here) and ensure a good seat—and support the local film community.
Besides, I hear it might rain.