A Guy Watches the Royal Wedding


How time flies! My wife and I will celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary this fall—we were married just five weeks after Lady Di and Prince Charles’ nuptials in 1981. That was the last time royal fever of such magnitude struck the world. Like millions, my wife and all of our friends were captured by the fete.


As today’s royal wedding approached, I dismissed all of it, figuring it to be “a girl’s thing.” Wrong! At dawn this morning at the gym, all five of the men present, myself among them, were captivated by the wedding of Prince William to Catherine Middleton. We watched the processions, the prayers, the kiss. We were amazed by the history and joy that emanated from it (as well as the dire need one of the celebrants to have his eyebrows trimmed.) Perhaps our jokes and observations—and there were many—were different than what the women’s were, but we were struck by the pomp of it all, the history, the treasures, the ceremony and, yes, by Kate’s beauty.


In a year filled with economic, political and literal tsunamis, I found that seeing lovely young people, royalty or not, starting a life together, hopeful of the future, made for a bright spot this morning.


By the way, watch for the new issue of Our Wedding magazine (on newsstands in early June), which will feature a piece revealing how you can emulate the royal wedding—right here in Sacramento.