2nd Annual Fight for Air Climb Sacramento


On Nov. 6, participate in a different kind of race while helping raise money for the American Lung Association. The 2nd Annual Fight for Air Climb Sacramento challenges participants as they climb—either solo or as part of a team—the 34 flights of stairs in the Wells Fargo Center downtown. Sometimes referred to as a “vertical marathon,” participants get timing devices, and finishers are treated to a rooftop view of Sacramento and beyond. Afterward, enjoy an elevator ride down to the 17th floor where food, beverages (including mimosas), entertainment, yoga and massage stations await you. The fun starts bright and early at 8 a.m. at 400 Capitol Mall, and the after-party runs until noon. Registration for the event is $25, with a minimum fundraising goal of $100.(You have 30 days post event to collect the funds.) All proceeds, fees and donations support the ALA’s fight for lung health and clean air.