100 Heroes Wanted!


Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Sacramento needs our help! Starting this Thursday, Sept. 15, two of their board members will camp out on an IMAX billboard until their charitable goal is met. Sean O’Brien, who I am proud to call my real-life big brother, and Donald Terry will take their posts on the billboard sign and will not come down until Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Sacramento receives 100 inquiries from men and sufficient donations toward the $100,000 goal to be met by Nov. 30.

In addition to the billboard campout, the Esquire IMAX Theatre is hosting a movie fundraiser. IMAX will donate a portion of the tickets sold for Born to Be Wild to the cause.

The hopes of this campaign are to call individuals and organizations within our community to action, to not only donate, but to participate.

So let’s not leave Sean and Donald hanging out to dry! Let’s help bring them down as soon as possible!

For more information on how to help click here.