Anthony Giannotti: Barber's Goods


Anthony Giannotti is a fan of all things classic. “I like the classics because they’re never quite in style or out of style,” says Giannotti, owner of Anthony’s Barber Shop and Bottle & Barlow, the downtown bar and barbershop that he opened last summer with pal Jayson Wilde. That devotion to classic style started early: Giannotti has been rocking a version of the pompadour since he was 17. “I never want to look back and say, ‘Why did I have a mullet?’”

Levi’s The Trucker Jacket 

“I have a couple in different colors: two blue, two black. It’s a classic staple.”

Levi’s Jeans

“I only buy Levi’s—510s and 511s—because I’m very thin. Baggy pants make me look shorter.”

Ray-Ban Wayfarer sunglasses 

“Every guy should own a pair—they never go out of style. The more Marlon Brando I’m feeling, the more I want to wear the larger ones.”

Guinness Stout

“I prefer it on draft, but I’ll drink it any way.”

Royal Peacock Tattoo Parlor

“They specialize in American traditional tattoos, Sailor Jerry style. That’s my jam.”

High West whiskey

“Small-batch, classic American whiskeys.”

Hair products from Victory Crown Barber Co. (his own company)

“Wet is a pomade for the guy who wants a classic Mad Men/Elvis look. Dry is a putty for the guy who wants a more modern, looser, more natural look.”

Fit Face skincare line 

“It’s a local brand, just launched. They make a great close-shave spray to reduce razor burn and bumps. The products come with a pretty bitchin’ wood stand.”

Ruckus Apparel T-shirt

“I always cuff the sleeves. All my fashion icons—even the modern ones like David Beckham and Brad Pitt—cuff their sleeves.”

Original Penguin button shirt

“I like British-style brands like Original Penguin, Fred Perry and Ben Sherman. They’re tailored for slim people, and the collars sit up appropriately.”

1977 Honda CB550 motorcycle

“I grew up with Japanese car mechanics, so I always ride Japanese bikes.”

Gent’s Lounge wood-wick candles

“They make manly smelling candles without an obnoxious wood-chip/whiskey/grease smell. No one wants to actually smell that.”

GQ magazine

“I read it every month. It’s really well written and ahead of the trends.”

Anthony Bourdain

“He’s my hero. Anything he writes or stars in, I’ll read or watch.”